Our Strategic Priority for 2023/2024:

To: Raise standards, create opportunities and meet the needs and aspirations for all.

Critical Success Factors

  1. A rich, balanced and inclusive, taught and wider curriculum offer, which is accessible for all students
  2. An assessment structure that ensures accurate and timely diagnostic assessment used to support and progress learning for all
  3. Quality first lessons and focused intervention
  4. Positive recruitment & retention of staff who are valued, effective and continually developing
  5. An effective School Improvement Strategy that ensures all schools are improving
  6. Financial control and innovation
  7. Effective central support services that consistently deliver and contribute positively to meet strategic priorities
  8. Strong and effective governance
  9. Strong links with other organisations that enable further developments, opportunities, and success
  10. A clearly defined and proactive Growth Strategy
  11. The use of research to inform practice
  12. Deep collaboration happening across the Trust.


We will:

  1. Implement an effective School Improvement Strategy that improves outcomes for all
  2. Introduce an Initial Teacher Training programme and continue delivering NPQs
  3. Deliver excellence and high quality support across the Trust
  4. Ensure financial sustainability
  5. Further develop 蓝月亮料免资料大全 as a great employer
  6. Prepare for strategic growth
  7. Ensure governance is effective and improving.